Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back in Singapore - tons of new stuff (toys and comix)

Hey all

I am back and shop opened for business as usual...

come on down, we got tons of new stuff including SDCC exclusives from Matty/Mattel,
new comics and some old Marvel favorites in trades / Hardcover.

And... hard to believe but it's August! Where did the time go?

Cheers all


Monday, July 19, 2010

I am out of town for the next 8 days

Dear customers and friends

I will be away from Singapore from Wed until 28 July;
apologies as the shop will be closed during this period.

Do drop in from 28th onwards as there will be lots of new, cool stuff including hopefully some SDCC exclusives!!

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Cheers and take care


Watch "Inception" - genius filmaking !

Hey all, I found the perfect film to wash away the turgid feeling from watching "Predators" - Chris Nolan's "Inception": this is film making at its most creative, risk-taking bravura ! A Masterpiece - sure to be the most talked about film of the summer (which IMHO has been quite disappointing).

A dream within a dream within a dream (yes many layers) - sure it is cerebral and not a popcorn movie, but intensely watchable (helped by the cast and a generous amount of slam-bang action scenes) but mostly held by Nolan's (he of the two latest Batman Dark Knight movie)ingenious plot and script that does not sink under its weight...

Hard to say more about the details without spoiling the film but trust me, go watch this, everyone (famed critics and amateur alike) have been mostly giving this positive reviews. Plus after the crap "Predators" this is a welcome entry and kind of restores my faith that Hollywood studios still willing to bank on creative talents (Inception reportedly budgeted at $160 million).

The last shot - did he make it out of dream state or is he trapped in limbo??

Chris Nolan - is this guy good or what??


Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey! just seen "Predators" the movie: my verdict?

It sucks big time!!
Seriously, while we should rejoice in getting another movie treatment on our favourite alien hunter, this latest incarnation is a travesty when compared to the first (and best!) release... hell, compared to any other Predator treatment be it movie, games or comix!!

My problem with it ? The Plot - there is none!!
and what little there is, is full of unexplained details, furnished with an illogical premise, set up and execution.

I know - the fanboys want to see Predators in action, so perhaps storyline is secondary, but still, we deserve better than this piece of poorly-contrived scripment coupled with cheesy dialogue and lack of a well-thought out script!

Can anyone explain to me:

1) the purpose of the character played by Lawrence (Morbius) Fishburne?
2) the entire sequence involving the Predator space ship ?

This was cinematic torture of the worst kind - a fan-favorite fictional beloved character thrown into a mish-mash of ill conceived plot; I am sorry but I think this will surely kill the Predator franchise.. maybe forever!

Still, there is one saving grace - from a toys / action figure standpoint, seeing that Hot Toys has the license to make "Predators" figures, it was cool to spot potential releases from this movie. I laughed out loud during the final climatic battle between Royce (Adrian Brody character) and the "new" Predator... Battle Damage version anyone ??!

Feedback and any contrary opinion welcome!

My Verdict: 1.5 stars out of 5. (save your $$ folks!)
RIP Predator!

Signing out
10 July 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010